Today’s Classic: Bad Girls and Bat Wings

1. Albert-Joseph Pénot, Bat Woman (1890)

2. Jószef Arpád Koppay, Lion and Woman with Devil Bat Wings Chained Together (date unknown)

3. Johann Heinrich Füssli, The Mad Kate (1807)

4. Gabriel Ferrier, Moonlit Dreams (1874)

5. Vasily Kotarbinsky, Dark Star (date unkwown)

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Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema,The Roses of Heliogabalus (1888) details.

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Takato Yamamoto

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Herb Infused Balms For Healing + Headaches | Henry Happened

Everyone at sometime in their life is going to get a headache or a bump/bruise. If you prefer to avoid chemicals then these all natural balms should be right up your alley. Once you’ve infused your herbs, all you have to do is mix with a carrier oil and beeswax, then rub on the affected area. There are two recipes here - Peppermint & Lavender for headaches and Rose & Chamomile for calming.

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Nell Shipman in The Grub-Stake
Dir. Bert Van Tuyle, USA, 1923

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Paralisis Permanente - El Acto 1982

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The Couple”, c.1902, Léon Spilliaert.

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Theda Bara was an American silent film and stage actress.

Bara was one of the most popular actresses of the silent era, and one of the earliest sex symbols. Her femme fatale roles earned her the nickname The Vamp (short for vampire).

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I think I still have rain somewhere in my heart.
- Kelwyn Sole (via kein-08-15)

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La Madeleine or Mary Magdalene by Adolphe LaLyre (1848-1933)

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Photographer Mattias Klum from National Geographic gets close and personal with a lion.

"and all of a sudden you feel very small" damn right

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